Meet The Owner!

Fashion has always been a lifestyle for me. I can remember my mom dressing my twin sister and me in the latest fashions. Fashion is a form of art. It allows people to express themselves in any way they would like. Hi, My name is Imari Anderson, and I want to change your life through fashion. Entering college was rough for me because I lost my mother and everything I owned in a house fire. After that moment, I realized I had to make life changes. As a person who loves fashion, I spend money. I learned to shop on a budget and still be cute! I love how I can piece together a bomb outfit and not break the bank.

If you are a fashion lover and like to shop on a budget, then my boutique is for you. When I started this boutique, my goal is to make every woman feel and look beautiful in their skin. No matter the size, despite their sizes and all while doing so on a budget. When you look and feel good, you do more. So regardless of size, FLAUNT IT, IF YOU GOT IT! This is the best place to shop if you want to look cute and know it is affordable in the process.